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A Very German Layover

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On our way from Portugal to Lebanon, we intentionally planned a long layover in Frankfurt.

We arrived early on a Sunday morning and had 7 hours to go exploring. It was sunny and very peaceful, almost too peaceful. What we hadn't anticipated was the endless rows of closed stores since it was a Sunday. More than slightly disappointed, Talal and I wandered around town. We walked around for hours looking for a spot to eat that looked just right. Eventually we stumbled upon a large crown in a hidden square. Talal chose our dining spot and managed to snag the only outdoor table. The over-worked staff was not enjoying the heavy traffic, but we were in no rush and took our time at the table.

A beer for him. An apfelwein for me. We ordered a quintessential German meal - sausages and mustard - before walking it off and heading to the airport. And let's not forget the magnet that now lives on our fridge to remind us of this German layover.

In Germany

With Talal

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