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How to Filet a Fish

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Here are the steps to fileting a fish.

Start by cutting off all the fins. Fins are very painful if they poke you. Continue by running the back of your knife on the fish all over to get the scales off. Do not forget the underside. If you plan to remove the sking, then it isn't to pertinent to scale the fish. Otherwise, remove all thoroughly. It may help to do it under water to avoid flying scales.

The next step is to slice on the bottom of the fish from the head to the middle of the body. Now is the first icky part. You have to dig your fingers in there and pull out all the organs. Rinse the entire fish inside and out.

Then you take your filet knife and run it along the head and around tot he bottom. Find the top-center of the fish. Just above the spine, run your bald to get as much fish as possible. Use long smooth strokes to cut smoothly. When you get to the center of the fish, continue cutting to the bottom of the filet, just before the skin. Flip the fish and do the other side evenly. once you do that you can go ahead and remove the filets.

Run your finger along the filet ad use the fish tweezers to remove each small bone, but grab as little fish as possible.

Cut off the fatty bits on the sides of the filets and remove the fatty bits. Just like that you have a filet. The rest can go into making a stock. Note that if you want to use the head too, push out the eyes and remove the gills.


Very Accomplished

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