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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It was the first full day in Boston. Tina and I woke up early and walked around to the Public Park, the Boston Commons, and Cheers. The park was beautiful. We stopped for a photo shoot. Cheers brought up some nostalgia, yet it wasn't what we hoped it would be. We walked for hours - miles and miles. Tina's foot blistered and I ached. We dropped by the hotel and I went to meet up with Mommy for lunch.

It was a bit drizzly and very cold, so we decided to grab some New England Clam Chowder. I used my scarf to cover my hair and mommy used her conference bag as a hat. We sprinted into the restaurant and unwrapped our hair. To our surprise, everyone could see us. We pretended it was normal and were seated by the hostess. I ordered a bread bowl and mommy ordered a cup. It was creamy and hot. As you likely know, soup is the best for chilly weather. Now, the chowder was good, but the potatoes were wow. They were boiled and crushed. While still hot, they were tossed with salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil. The potatoes were earthy and meaty. It was a winner. Although very simple, the oil and potato combo were even better than I could expect from anything so simple.

A quick stroll in the mall and Mommy returned to her conference.

At Atlantic Fish Co.

In Boston

With Mommy

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