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MF Sushi

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Saskya and I said that we would always stay in touch and see each outher after I left UH. Luckily, my new job only took me 2 miles way.

Now that I've settled into my new job and finally caught my breath, she invited me to dinner. I've always loved her taste, in fashion and exploring new places, so I let her choose a place. We went to MF Sushi - which has been deemed one of the top places to try in Houston.

It was right next to Lucille's, in the Museum District - got to go try it some time. I parked and went in. It's a very modern, simple restaurant. Despite it's seemingly small size, there are booths, tables and the sushi bar, givning a bit of everything. It was a bit early for dinner, because the restaurant was pretty empty. Soon after Saskya made it, it began to fill up around us.

This time, I followed her lead. We each ordered soup and we shared the Avocado Balls - seemingly simple, but very delicious. We ordered one roll each... Usually when I am having sushi, I order at least 2 rolls and a side. Since she's a good, healthy eater, I figured I could practice for my wedding diet.

For dessert, we ordered the mango and black bean mochi ice creams. Wow.. Who knew we'd like black bean?

We caught up on everything wedding while sipping our cocktails. Then she switched gears and started asking me about my business and working together in the long term. I see potential in our future. We'll pick back up after her wedding in February.

At MF Sushi

With Saskya

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