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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On a really rainy day, Tina, Yasmeen, and myself decided to do a girl's night out. I came directly from work and drove to meet them at the restaurant... but I had two hours to spare. That was a missed logistics opportunity. I'll discuss with Tina for next time. I wandered around Houston until it was time to go to downtown. Funny enough, I was late... but so were they. We sat at a long communal table. The menu had a variety of broths and meats and you pay extra for toppings. It's the Asian version of pizza.

I ordered whatever Yasmeen ordered. Let's call it the #11. The #11 had broth and pork. She added ground pork and spicy bean sprouts. My sides were broccoli and mushrooms. Since Tina took a long time to arrive, I bet Yasmeen that I knew what tina would order. I'm quite smart, if you must know. Also, there was only one type of broth that she'd eat - vegetable. I also noted that she would add broccoli and bok choy. As expected, I was right!

When the food arrived, mine had the sides on the side, two sheets of seaweed, the sliced pork, and a hard-boiled egg soaked in soy sauce. It was good, but needed spice. As is always the case with broth, it was salty, but hte heavy additions of hot sauce, it just became more salty.

By the time that I reached the bottom of the bowl, I felt like I had a box of salt and that the broth was too muddied from all the spice. I gladly left the last few bites behind in exchange for a huge glass of water. If not for my lychee martini, I'm not sure I could have finished that HUGE bowl of Ramen. The ambiance is young, cultured, and energetic, but I'm not sure that it's worth an encore performance.

With Yasmeen & Tina

At Jinya Ramen Bar

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