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Happy Birthday to you......

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We celebrated Tammy's birthday all week. We went all out! We had cake for breakfast, played Bingo, decorated her office, and went out to lunch.

Friday morning was tough after my bad loss at Bingo the night before. Luckily, we planned a birthday lunch for Tammy. Technically, we just used Tammy's birthday as yet another excuse to eat out. Tammy chose Little Liberty in Rice Village. It popped up out of nowhere. Ok, technically it replaced Ruggles, but that's besides the point. I promise to be honest from this point and forward.

We went into the restaurant after some difficulty parking. Casey & Davis were already reserving a table for 8. That's when Casey filled me in on a secret. She has anxiety about ordering food and having nowhere to sit. I feel the same way at Tiny Boxwoods when the weather is perfect and the line is out-the-door. Luckily, the place was so new that there was no chance of being stranded with plates in our hands. The manager of Liberty Kitchen was helping out because the place opened 8 days ago. UH-OH! I make an effort to give restaurants the chance to work out its kinks before I jump in. Let's see what happens.

Apparently, I should give new restaurants a chance. They may or may not serve wine for free since they don't have their licenses *wink wink*! Casey *wink* grabbed a glass as she enjoyed her final week of maternity leave. Ok.. So I lied abotu not lying anymore.

The menu seemed haphazard. It looked like they were trying to appeal to too many audiences - the health nut, the fast foodie, the hipster, and the adventurous. In doing so, I'd say they did none of them well. I ordered the very cold, over-priced beet salad ( I should have expected that when I heard that Liberty kitchen was the sister restaurant) and the smoked salmon. Before I say another word, I have to admit that the smoked salmon was amazing. It was a little like jerky on the outside and a little like Houston's salmon on the inside. Perfectly salted and well-priced for the portion. I paid something absurd.. and the wine that "Casey" drank still didn't make if feel like a good deal.

We scurried back to work. Just like nothing ever happened...

At Little Liberty

With Megan, G'Nai, Lauren Y., Casey, Tammy, Missy, and Karina

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