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Day Datin'

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It has been a hectic time in Talal and I's lives. Although we're elated as a newly-engaged couple, we are also super busy with work.

To shake the work stress, I planned a surprise Day Date. I did all the things he would like to do and we ended up having a blast!

First, we had a 9am kayak ride down the Buffalo Bayou. On the way, we dropped by Three Brother Bakery for an easy, to go breakfast. At this point, Talal knew what the first surprise was, because he had to dress appropriately. It was a breathtaking 4 hour ride that took all the arm strength that we had.

After a quick shower (we smelled a little poopy because of the Bayou), we grabbed a late lunch at the Bistro Menil. Neither of us had been for lunch, but I had previously discovered it for afternoon tea. It was delicious and the seating outside was just what we wanted. It had been raining in Houston for quite a while, but luckily it cleared up for our Day Date - leaving us with PERFECT weather. We shared some rose and bread with a compound butter. He ordered the caprese with a side of chicken confit. I ordered the duck confit, which was made my mouth water.

For our level of starvation, we didn't think the portions were enough, so we ordered the truffle fries. Although they looked great on our neighbor's table, they were incredibly heavy and definitely not worth the money.

In a hurry, we bolted to iSKY, where the next surprise awaited us. Talal was still unsure of what to expect, but it definitely caught him by surprise. We made it in time for our 5pm appointment. We dressed in our nifty jumpsuits and tight glasses. After a quick training session, we got in line. We get 2 times in the wind tunnel and frankly, that's enough to get thirsty, get knotted hair and slobber al over your face. Nonetheless, It was a fun experience. I' not sure that it'll prepare me for the real deal, but at least I tried it out!

Hope you had fun Toot!

At The Menil Bistro

With Talal

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