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My Salt Saver

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Talal and I went to the highly-acclaimed and highly-recommended Biga on the Banks. A classic, iconic restaurant in San Antonio, much like Tony's in Houston.

I hate to say this about any restaurant, but sometimes, you just have to say what you think. The chef was nominated 7 or so times to be a James Beard winning chef. Frankly, I understand why he never actually won.

The prices were abysmal for the portions. Talal and I were celebrating an occasion, which typically makes you want a generous and delicious 3-course meal. Our appetizer was a 6 mini-chip presentation of ahi tuna nachos. Although these were probably the highlight of our meal, they were so tiny for a 20 something dollar appetizer. Our onion ring side dish came with random veggies and were supremely oversized and fell short of the expectations. The cauliflower was equally disappointing was.

With entrees, portion size was again an issue. Talal's food tasted fine, but mine was cold. Best part of the evening - the waiter refused to accept that my food was served at the wrong temperature, claiming it was the way I ordered my lamb chops. My issue was that all the accompaniments were freshly pulled out of the fridge. I didn't appreciate the attitude I got, as though I had no clue what I was talking about. Just like that, we didn't want dessert and the waiter wouldn't have wanted to serve it to us anyways.

So, why "the salt saver"? What does that mean? Well, let's just say if you ever visit my kitchen, you'll see how I got my own tiny serving of revenge.

At Biga on the Banks

With Talal

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