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Duck, Duck, Quiche

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After carefully transporting our dozen duck eggs over night, I knew that I had to make something absolutely perfect with them.

No eggs in the world have ever been as coddled as these duck eggs were for the 200 mile drive from San Antonio to Houston. The had thick yellow yolks - much larger than the chicken egg.

I made the simple crust with flour, salt, and butter - same as last time. I froze the crust and lined it with thin slices of Boar's Head Pepper Mill Turkey.

I sautéed green onions and mushrooms. After they cooled, I whisked them into the eggs. While the vegetables sautéed, I created a lattice from asparagus. I microwaved the lattice for a minutes so it would soften and settle. I poured the mixture into the crust and laid the lattice on top with freshly shredded cheese. I popped it into the oven.

At this point, I realized that I forgot to pre-bake the crust.. So, I upped the temperature to 450 degrees hoping the the crust would bake before the gas finished. After 10 minutes, I lowered the temperature to 325 to slowly bake through. Separately, I baked some asparagus to lay on top of the quiche.

Now the taste test. It tasted like a quiche, but it was richer and butterier. The eggs were predominantly yolks, making it a heavy, filling meal.

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