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If Flowers Were Made Out of Gelato...

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I was finally home and feeling more settled in my new home. It was a Friday night and Alaa was free for dinner. It was our first time seeing him since he married us at our wedding. We wanted someplace energetic but not wild.

I was still sporting my tan and it was still warm out, so I dressed up in one of my new honeymoon dresses and we went to the Tuck Room. As G'Nai says, it's a posh, Dallas-y restaurant. We grabbed dinner and a couple drinks. The service was very slow. We stuck it out, but were about to lose our minds if the food showed up any later. Alaa and I shared some sandwiches and I ordered the fried green beans.

We were full, but not quite ready for the night to end. We strolled around the River Oaks District, until we happened upon Amorino. It's my paradise - flowers and gelato, in one bite. I tried pistachio, speculoos, and stracciatella. They gently created petals that looked like a single blooming rose, just for me.

At Amorino

With Talal & Alaa

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