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Pleased to Eat You

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Earlier this week, I won tickets to the Lone Star Shootout. In Yara speak, I won tickets to a basketball game. Although not that life-changing, I thought, let's have some fun with these and make a day out of it. I texted Mira and much to my surprise, she was free. We met up for breakfast and made our way to Tout Suite before heading to the Toyota Center. We got steak and eggs and cured salmon with eggs and baguette breakfast. For dessert, we found the most festive holiday treats. This definitely helped to put us in the mood since outside was gloomy and about 80 degrees. Although it dropped to the 30s later that evening, it definitely didn't feel like we were a week away from Christmas.

After our big breakfasts - filled perhaps with a champagne cocktail, we walked the one mile to Toyota Center. Definitely needed that.

At Tout Suite

With Mira

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