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Supper with Emma

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Since I am obsessed with The Pearl, I wanted to make one stop by the farmer's market. I could get used to this tradition. We strolled around and bought quite a bit of goodies - mushrooms, duck eggs, cheese, jam, and honey. Let's just say, it was a successful errand. Before we hit the road - treasures in hand, we needed to stop for lunch. What better than Hotel Emma. It was right around the corner and definitely piqued our interest. We entered to see a very Pearl-esque restaurant. Being that it was the height of summer in Texas, we opted to sit inside so as to dry our sweat beads that were dripping down our unmentionables. It was early enough to call our meal brunch - which means alcohol.

I ordered a traditional Bloody Mary and Talal ordered the white one. Although also tomato-based, it was the extract. Tomato water if you want to call it. Interesting, but I wouldn't order one for myself, despite the waiter's desperate plea.

Once we chugged a few bottles of water and regulated our body temperatures, we ordered food for our monstrous appetites. Admittedly, when my plate arrived, I was disappointed. I was hungry and this meager piece of salmon wasn't going to suffice. It did keep me wanting more, even though I was full enough once it was done. The salmon made my mouth water. And who could hate a perfectly cooked egg? Not me. The greens lent to a well-balanced brunch.

A few more sips of my true tomato drink and I was ready to begin the journey home.

At Supper at the Hotel Emma

With Talal

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