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Tout Suite!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The best part about going out with my family is that we all want to eat healthy, even when we don't say we want to. Talal, Mommy, Daddy and I met up at Tout Suite after my office 30th Anniversary party. It was an inefficient day at work, much like the last day before summer break. So, I snuck out early to meet up for coffee and a double date.

I treated everyone to drinks and 7 macaroons of different flavors for us to share - watermelon, rose, creme brûlée, lavender, espresso and pistachio. I practically ate all of them with Talal. I managed to convince the parents to try a couple nibbles here and there, but Toot and I did most of the work.

At Tout Suite

With Talal, Mommy & Daddy

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