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Hubbel & Hudson

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On a rainy day in the Woodlands, Talal and I decided to stop for lunch. It was a bizarre time to grab lunch. Most restaurants were empty and the streets deserted on the gloomy day. We had just made the journey out to the Woodlands for a quick errand and were not ready to drive home yet.

After a little Google-mapping, I happened upon the Hubbel & Hudson Bistro. Without much thought, we went in and grabbed a seat. Talal immediately knew what he wanted - a burger. I, on the other hand, immediately knew that I wanted a cocktail. Talal ordered us an appetizer and we sipped on our drinks while he eagerly awaited the burger. The Texas Quail was sweet and supremely crunchy. The Hong Kong gastrique - whatever it was - was delicious. The cilantro emulsion on the other had was not so edible..

After a bit of back and forth, I settled on the duck and gnocchi with fresh ricotta. It was a hearty and heavy dish, which was perfect for the rainy day. It needed a little bit of freshness or acidity, but I wasn't going to send it back just for that.

At Bistro at Hubbel and Hudson

With Talal

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