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Yasmeen Approved

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Yasmeen spend a few days in Houston before making her way to Maine for the next chapter in her Medical School education. We wanted to meet up for dinner and it was my homework to pick the spot. I knew I wanted to pick an asian place. It would be right up her alley and I couldn't resist trying a new spot.

I settled on a place i had seen multiple times, but never entered - Izakaya in Midtown Houston. We ordered something from every section of the menu. it was quite a big selection and I had a big appetite. We got octopus balls, mushroom skewers, pork belly with shishito, bulgogi beef lettuce wraps, and a salmon poke bowl. To finish off this experimental meal, we ordered green tea shaved ice. It was literally an enormous snow cone with a sweet, syrupy green tea liquid ladled over.

It was nice catching up and chatting about our lives. Long time no see...

At Itzakaya

With Yasmeen

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