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B&B Butchers

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Talal asked me out on a date. It still surprises me that he make my heart flutter any time he does anything. He asked me out on a date. He selected the restaurant and let me know what to wear.

We walked into B&B Butchers and we enjoyed a romantic meal and a bottle of wine (per the sommelier's recommendation) in the dimly-lit, crammed restaurant.

As a starter, we devoured Tommy's Bacon. It was thick cut, crispy bacon, with blue cheese and a generous splash of maple syrup. Although it didn't seem like something we'd typically see as an appetizer, it ended up being our favorite dish.

With our steaks (his filet mignon and my NY strip, of course), we ordered a sub-par serving of brussel sprouts. It seemed like mostly loose leafs and overly saucy. Although our entrees were nothing life-changing, we went on to share a DELICIOUS slice of Key Lime Pie, which inspired me to make my own version for dinner a few days later with Bayan , Ohaila & Ramsey.

At B&B Butchers

With Talal

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