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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On rare occasions, Talal and I will treat ourselves to dinner out on a week night. I truly love cooking, even after a long day. I find it really therapeutic... but it takes two. Talal is always stationed at the sink, cleaning dishes, opening the bottle of wine, and setting the table.

Frankly though, we are only human and sometimes we just want cooking and dishes to be someone else's responsibility or we are too hungry to wait an hour.

Quite randomly, Talal and I decided we wanted to try Poke. Poke is essentially a deconstructed sushi bowl. It's nothing revolutionary, but we were really craving it. After a failed attempt to eat at Ono Poke (parking was miserable), we decided to drive around until we spotted a place to grab dinner.

We happened upon Cane Rosso - it was a new pizza spot that opened up. We were so hungry that our restaurant-picking criteria was pretty much out the door. We didn't care if it was healthy, asian, cheap, or anything else. We rolled up, found easy parking and grabbed two pizzas. It was too much food for the two of us, but like I said, we were hungry.

We ordered the Funghi PLE and the Ella. Both were yummy, brick-oven pizzas. Ella was ordinary (shhh.. don't tell her I said that). The Fungi PLE was something special. It had quadrello di bufala, fire-roasted mushrooms, rosemary, sottocenere black truffle cheese, habanero honey. It was sweet, salty, fragrant, and very decadent.

Worth going back for!

At Cane Rosso

With Talal

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