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And a Side of Mango Sticky Rice

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

One of the things you can't get consistently back in Houston is a perfect mango. In some ways, a mango is like an avocado. You can never quite tell when it's ripe and when it's gone too far. A good mango is a deep golden yellow color, juicy, luscious and very sweet. When we went to Thailand, mangos and all of the other delicious tropical fruits were our daily cravings.

The first half of our Thailand vacation was all about the beach and scuba diving. What goes well with a sun-soaked outing? Fruit! P.S. This makes it sound like we only ate mango sticky rice in Phi Phi, but that would be a lie. We ate it daily in Bangkok, too.

At least once a day ( and twice a day if we were lucky), Talal and I shared an afternoon serving of mango sticky rice. It's a generous portion of beautiful, ripe mango accompanied by rice that has been steamed with sugar and some coconut milk. That's it. It's that simple, but it makes your mouth water. It calls for you to take another bite - dipping it in the thick, creamy coconut milk and topping it with sesame seeds or rice puffs for a little crunchy surprise.

When I find a perfect mango in Houston, you know what I'll be eating alongside it.

In Thailand

With Talal

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