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Bittersweet Endings

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The end of yet another semester is always bittersweet. As Program Manager at the Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute, I say goodbye to my kiddos and hello to the new ones. It's hard to say goodbye, but my heart is filled with joy and excitement for the new students.

This semester was a little different, because Amy and I were also saying goodbye to two of our close friends - 'Rose' and Sarah. To celebrate another semester in the books and their next chapters, we took a drive to Bloom and Bee at the new Post Oak Hotel. 'Rose' had been there before and recommended the spot for our last hoorah. We grabbed a seat and felt the bright, crisp sun on our faces, reflecting the sunlight off of the large pool. The ceiling was Bellagio-esque with ornate pink glass decor. The tables were adorned with sweet pops of pink on the floral plates, the elegant pink and floral chairs, and the fresh cut roses.

To whet our appetites, we ordered rose. Mine was sparkling as you probably guessed. We nibbled on the figs, dates, and delectable cheeses on the cheese platter. After what seemed like hours of endless chit chat, we realized we were still hungry. So, I ordered the burrata with heirloom tomato salad, which was the perfect portion as I filled up on sunlight, friendship and chilled rosé.

It was sweet company, but bitter goodbyes. How better to end off an outing with these sweet gals than a few champagne sorbet courgettes and ice cream with almond sabayon. Ice cream two ways is the way to make me focus on the sweet days ahead and cherish these moments. Until we meet again sweeties!

At Bloom and Bee

With Amy, Sarah, and 'Rose'

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