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Tea and a Spiked Lemonade

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Once in a while, an afternoon tea with the ladies is in order. Maysoun found a cute spot with a Parisian vibe, wall of books, and soft, elegant ambiance - Café Poêtes. Upon entry, you feel transported to a far away land. With a long marble bar and the soft bustle of the behind-the-bar team, it's quite a treat.

I had my eye on the strawberry and lemon eclair and something a little stronger than tea. While the other ladies sipped their hot teas, I sipped on the spiked butterfly lemonade - their purple house specialty. We shared our sweets, special memories and a lots of laughs.

At Café Poêtes

With May, Rzan, Nadine, and Hala

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