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Rosie Cannonball

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I don't plan on making a habit of visiting the same restaurant multiple times in such a short period of time, as I did with Cervejaria Ramiro in Portugal. Somehow, (yes, very intentionally) I went twice in a matter of 3 days to Rosie Cannonball.

Thanks to Saskya's recommendation, I had been wanting to a new spot in town named Montrose Cheese & Wine. So, when Amy and I had planned an outing to catch up, I very quickly suggested the location.

When Amy and I arrived around 6PM, we happened to notice Rosie Cannonball. It was a Tuesday, but the place was packed. We poked our heads in and thought a little detour wouldn't hurt. We were seated at the Chef's Table or Pizza Counter table - the only table available. We ordered a glass (or two!) of Lambrusco and nibbled on the Carta di Musica and the Tortellini in Brodo. Our eyes widened and we wondered how lucky we were to stumble upon this spot.

After our snack at Rosie Cannonball, we thought it would still be nice to pop in to Montrose Cheese & Wine before they closed. We grabbed another glass of wine and chose a small assortment of cheeses with the necessary accompaniments.

As I was collecting my car in the chilly weather, I was so excited to come back. I quickly popped back into the restaurant and asked what reservation service they used. I quickly dowloaded the Resy app and found an opening for dinner on Friday.

Talal and I went together, shared a bottle of wine and tried some of their other delectable dishes - Speck & Chili Oil Pizza, Charred Leeks, Focaccia di Recco a delicious flatbread with mortadella and rabiola cheese, and Rigatoni with fresh pesto and smoked ricotta, and the Basque-style, crustless Cheesecake. The encore performance was equally incredible and as I write this, I'm already eagerly awaiting our return.

As written on the Rosie Cannonball menu... “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” - Federico Fellini

At Rosie Cannonball

With Talal

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