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When Dinner Becomes Breakfast

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Sometimes the best evenings are the ones you don't plan. Ryan and Christina texted us to see if we were free for dinner and we took them up on their offer to go out. Christina found a great spot called Superica and when we met up, the place was so busy that we ended up putting our name on the list at the one next door - La Lucha.

After a cocktail at the bar and a far-shorter-than-anticipated wait, we were seated outside and we ordered some items to share per the waitress's recommendation. We ordered a dozen fresh oysters, the assortment of grilled oysters, the yeast rolls with (probably too much) honey butter, a side of brussel sprouts, and last but not least - the award-winning fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits. WE. WERE. STUFFED.

The night, however, wasn't over. We stopped at Better Luck Tomorrow for a night cap.

By the end of the night, Christina and I had made plans to visit a couple of consignment shops in the morning and to grab breakfast before we went. I suggested Vibrant as a good spot that would be perfect for a girls' outing. We shared the Za'atar Socca, the Chia Pudding, and the Sweet Potato Hash. Each one was delicious and the chai was the best thing to round out the meal.

Cheers to unexpected plans!

At La Lucha & Vibrant

With Talal, Ryan & Christina

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