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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

For Talal's birthday, the dinner options were Aka's All-Day Happy Hour or Pappasito's. Since we were feeling sushi, but Aka didn't take reservations, Hammoudi reserved at Uchi. Talk about a major upgrade

Tina and I rushed over from Emil's graduation ceremony at Toyota Center to Uchi, which was a whopping 2 miles away. We went with big eyes and much bigger appetites. The server was kind enough to talk through the bizarre language found on their menu. Eventually, we settled on a few hot and a few cold dishes. We ordered rolls, brussel sprouts, (crispy, but generously coated in a balsamic reduction) duck, tempura cauliflower (I asked the server how these were made.. The cauliflower is dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. As soon as it comes out, the spray it with white soy sauce and lightly toss it in togarashi, which is a Japanese 7 spice mix.), tempura japanese pumpkin, yucca crisps, yellowtail and the edamame (They were tossed in oil and salt but thrown on the grill. The grill marks and the hot, oily edamame were divine. It captured everything that is good about the grill.).

At the end of our meal, I asked our server how many dishes we ordered. 17 was our lucky number.

We continued the night upstairs at Rosemont. It was a beautiful Rooftop Bar, with DJ Michael Austin. He was amazing and Talal and I just danced and danced.

At Home

With Tina, Talal, Hammoudi, Rasha, and Hassoun

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