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In Tina's words - Tarweeqa

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Today's menu consisted of the usual Lebanese brunch: Kishik, Balila, Eggs with Awerma, Olives, Jams, Labneh, Feta with Zaatar, tomatoes, and vegetables.

"It's a Suki Thing" was involved here. After we finally napped and digested, it was time to make dinner. We made Tabouleh with White Quinoa instead of Burghul (thus Gluten Free) and French Fries from scratch. We are on a mission to make crispy fries. I tried frying in the wok with fresh oil and frying them twice. We are getting closer and closer. To avoid the frying smell, I became Sheikha Batata. Upgrade from Batata Baby (inside joke with Daddy).

PS. I was too impatient, but on Dulce Delight, I saw her throw a match into oil to see when the oil is ready for frying. It should light on fire and then go off. As I said, I couldn't wait ;).

At Home

With Talal, Tina, Mommy, Daddy, Sandra, Lubna and Nidal

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