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Duck, Duck, Buffalo

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It was Round 2 of HRW for Talal and I. We went to Rainbow Lodge. It's known for gamey meats. The three-course meals had a variety of game meat options.

I gravitated to the duck gumbo. It wasn't a hot as I would have liked, but it was as good as Roy's fresh gumbo. My second course was buffalo short ribs over shredded, raw brussel sprouts and extremely soft wheatberries. The raw brussel sprouts with shredded cheese gave the crunchy texture that the rest of my plate didn't have. The wheatberries were moist from the length of boiling. It also got some of the extra sauce from the meat on top. My dessert was a rhubarb and strawberry crumble in a short mason jar. Although Blue Bell isn't back yet, it a healthy portion of vanilla ice cream on top.

The most interesting thing that I tried was the onions that came atop the buffalo bites from Talal's appetizer. The onions were cooked until completely brown. They tasted like smokey caramel onions. They were slightly sticky brown the sugar that cooked for so long. I guess this needs some experimentation now!

At Rainbow Lodge

With Talal

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