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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Saturday was both cold and rainy. I was definitely underprepared for the weather. It would have been useful to check the forecast, but... no use dwelling on the past. Tory, Jennifer, and I took the first bus and the early train to Montpellier for the day. Our original plan for the day was to take a walking food tour around the area, shop, and visit the historic sites.

Lucky for us, the tour was cancelled and we got stuck shopping most of the day, due to the heavy rain. We had breakfast at Paul in the Polygone Mall. I wanted to try the Rhubarb Tart that Jennifer kept saying was sooo delicious. I asked for it as part of the breakfast deals, but got rejected. Then I got rejected when I asked for it as part of the afternoon deals. The sweet waiter told me he'll bring me one and that it didn't have to be part of the menu. I guess I was adament about the Rhubarb and how I got it. It gave us a few good laughs. We hopped into a couple shops (Mango and Zara included).

After a good bit of shopping, we decided to run to the Pharmacy Museum. Instead, the clouds decided to shower us until we ran into a reastaurant for lunch. We got a family-size salad and fries for the table. I ordered the steak and it was a perfect meal for us to dry up and stay warm.

After the rain lightened up, we entered the Pharmacy museum. it was intriguing to see all the different ingredients and extracts they used to make their medicines. When we got out, it was sunny and beautiful.

The beautiful weather let us wander the streets. It was an adorable college town. It was filled with great shops and coffee spots. We visited a cheese place, a chocolate shop, and a couple artisan stores. I will absolutely be returning!!


Like I'm going to come back

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