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Baba's Birthday

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Daddy's birthday was fast approaching and despite my gripes, mommy and daddy were both out of town for his birthday. On the Friday after daddy's birthday, they finally graced us with their presence. I thought long and hard about a new place we could try that was reasonably priced, yet festive.

I thought about Dish Society, because I had heard good things about it. I looked up the menu, perfect- something. Tina would eat.

Talal and I arrived early and so we grabbed a drink at the bar. Good thing I reserved because it was soooooooooo empty. I ordered a champagne-St. Germain cocktail and Talal tried the beers. We loved our bartender- an Asian man from Oklahoma.

Daddy and mommy arrived not long after and we grabbed our table as Tina was arriving. The food was comfort food- the devil as the bartender put it. I ordered the recommended salmon. With a crispy too and a sweet-ish sauce, it was a pleasant entree. However, the grits with smoked provolone was soo overpowering that the entire plate smelled of bacon. The one thing that we all ordered was the brussels sprouts. Luckily, we were right that they were delish. Heavy, but who's complaining?

At Dish Society

With Daddy, Mommy, Tina and Talal

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