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Welcome to the Windy City

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I got to join two PES Key Account teams in Chicago for a few days of sales calls and exploring. We did A LOT of walking, which I didn't mind because we did A LOT of eating, too.

Our first night, we dined on traditional Chicago deep dish pizza and Lou Malnati's. At midnight we found ourselves underdressed for the occasion, walking for 45 minutes in dear freezing temperatures.

After a few sales calls, I took the team on walk around the city. Yes over 17, 000 steps and counting. One of our many stops was lunch at Beatrix. The five of us ordered either the ravioli or the chicken sandwiches. The ravioli was yummy, but definitely had a few technical misses (loose lasagne with cold tomatoes and room-temperature sauce), but the restaurant made up for all of that, because it was so stinking adorable.

On our final day, we walked, suitcases in hand, to Beacon Tavern where we dined ones and west coast oysters and a good-looking beat salad with champagne sorbet.

In Chicago

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