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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After a long, exhausting day at Sea World, Talal and I showered and walked (ran) over to the River Taxi. As Daddy had recommended, we purchased a ticket to ride the river from one end to the other. It was a soothing and serene hour-long journey. We caught our breath and relaxed as the sun slowly began to set. Near the end of the trip, we went through a canal lock that pushed water in and pushed us up to the higher water level. Not long after, we reached the end.

We had about half an hour until our reservations at the Fig Tree. So, we ran up to take a cab to the restaurant. Little did we know, but the River Taxi stopped us at Pearl. I stopped and turned to Talal and asked him, "we love Pearl, so why don't we just stay here?" Fig Tree looked fancy, but ordinary, whereas Pearl had a certain air about it. Despite being tired from the lengthy day in the sun, we walked around until we found the perfect restaurant to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

We settled on Southerleigh. It was an industrial-style restaurant, much like the others in Pearl, with a beautiful outdoor seating and enticing-looking menu. Our waitress, Christine, made the best reccommendations. We started with a glass of Malbec for me and a beer + beer flight for Talal (once again, not my favorite adult beverage). As an appetizer, to curb our growing appetites, we ordered a Baker's Dozen set of raw Oysters and the Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese. The beets were amazing - and Christine's favorite. After another drink each, we ordered the Red Snapper and the Cracker-Crusted Red Fish. They were both beautifully plated, yet seemingly simple in appearance. The flavor, however, was not so innocent. Mine was savory; Talal's was savory and sweet.

Although our appetites were fully taken care of, we were celebrating and a third course was imminent. Talal's dessert was a brownie, dehydrated crepe, salted caramel ice cream concoction. Although semi-unique, it was a brownie and not my type of dessert. I selected the Thai Basil sorbet with melon consommé (a type of clear soup - in this case sweet), infused with vanilla. It was light, but still gave me the sweet touch I needed after my big, heavy meal.

Such a great, spontaneous find!

At Southerleigh

In San Antonio

With Talal

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